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Turmeric extract capsules 60 pcs.

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Dietary supplement based on turmeric extract. Regain your quality of life and well-being!

with 95% curcuma extract

VEGAN | gluten-free | lactose-free

Turmeric extract capsules 60 pcs.
Turmeric extract capsules 60 pcs. Sale price€26,29


Curcuma extract capsules

Create new quality of life and well-being!


  • Digestive problems
  • Flatulence
  • rich in vitamins
  • detoxifying plant
  • Organic quality
  • 60 capsules of 400 mg each

Who hasn't experienced it - feeling unwell, digestive problems, flatulence? Get relief by taking in the rich vitamins of a versatile, detoxifying plant.

Turmeric is the main ingredient in curry powder and is known worldwide as a strong coloring spice. Turmeric, an Indian ginger plant, is not only excellent for seasoning dishes.

When choosing turmeric, it is important to pay attention to organic quality, because organic is traceable and cannot be "diluted". A high proportion of essential oils in turmeric is important because only then can the valuable active ingredient curcumin be absorbed.

Application and ingredients

Recommended intake:Take 2-3 capsules daily with some liquid.

Nutritional advice:Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important. Keep out of the reach of small children. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Ingredients:Curcuma extract, hydrosypropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell)